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Kiba's feet dragged along the floor. He felt the two pairs of hands grasping his arms and violently pulling them. His body was screaming in pain, dry blood had now crusted all over his body and his vision was blurred. He did not make a sound nor did he make a movement, he only listened. Listened for surroundings. He heard several continuous explosions above him in a pattern. Then a women's voice stared to cry out.
"I'll kill you, I'll fucking kill all of you, you fucking bastards!
Kiba could hear the desperation in her voice. Kiba was not the only one you had been captured.
"Take the screaming bitch down to cell 2B." A Guard yelled
"What about this Guy."
"Take him straight to the integration room and hook him up to the Chakra dispersion machine.
"Yes Sir" Kiba was pushed off in another direction. He could hear the women's screams fade of as they were separated. After about a minute of being dragged across the floor Kiba was thrown to the ground in a small dark room with a large machine in the middle. The guards sat him up and violently stabbed some of the hooks on the machine in his open wounds. Kiba's body stiffened as a shock traveled through his body. The chakra that had regenerated in his body went ballistic it was impossible to control. Kiba's hands were separately tied to chains hanging from the roof.
"I hope you enjoy your stay" A Guard joked has he laid a punch to Kiba's face.

Shikamaru was accompanied but medical ninja on his way to the Hokage's office. The medics franticly trying to heal his hand and stop the bleeding while Shikamaru was moving. He burst through the door into the Hokage's office.
"Sir please we have to heal your wounds." One said
"Lord Hokage! I have distressing news." Shikamaru shouted
"The patrol. We were ambushed. In the grass village territory the stone intends to invade.
"Whoa Whoa, Shikamaru slow down were in the rest of our team what the hell happened to you? The Hokage said trying to calm the injured ninja.
"Sorry Kakashi." Shikamaru Looked at his right hand that hand now been sealed and the blood was washed off. Moments of the fight flashed into his head has he looked at the remaining finger and thumb on his hand.
"They were waiting for us, the stone, 200 strong" He stared
"Some how they knew who we would send and how many. And they compensated for it exactly enough to beat us. They… they killed my entire team sir." Kakashi's eye widened
"But Naruto and Sakura…" Shikamaru shook his head.
"I'm sorry for your loss my lord but there will be time to grieve for them later. We need to think of a strategy to beat them, it won't be long before the Grass village falls and they are in the land of fire." Shikamaru said calmly trying not to let is feelings get in the way. Kakashi turned his attention to Shikamaru.
"I fought in that area before in the third great ninja war, if we can gather ninja experienced and capable in fighting in guerrilla warfare. We could link up with the grass ninja and make an effective resistance against the stone. Kakashi said.
"We could make it Look like the Leaf is not directly involved in the war, giving us time to train more ninja and keep the public calm. Shikamaru added into the plan. Shikamaru turned around as he heard someone open the door and stepped into the room. His eyes met the beautiful silver eyes of the now pregnant hyugaa heiress.
"Hinata." Shikamaru whispered now remembering about the brave captains sacrifice to save him, and now just like his sensei that baby was going to be without a father. Hinata Looked around the room and then at Shikamaru. Kiba had told her at he was Second in command of this Mission and the second in command would be with Shikamaru during the debriefing. See saw that Shikamaru was covered in dry blood as the Medical ninja stepped away from him, but there was something more. He could not look her in the eyes.
"Shikamaru?" She said gently taking a step towards him. A wave of Guilt shot through him as she came closer. He lowered his head and looked at the ground.
"Hinata… I'm… I'm so sorry… I…" Shikamaru whispered. Although Shikamaru couldn't raise his head he could hear her crying. Tears breeched the surface of her eyelids as she stepped back towards the door. Shikamaru looked up and moved towards her.
"No… It's not…No." She whimpered. Hinata buried her face in her hands and ran down the hallway. Shikamaru wiped a tear from his eyes and turned to Kakashi.
"I'll lead the campaign!" He razed his voice to hide the crying.
"You didn't think I wouldn't choice you? Shikamaru you must go rest for now I'll have 2 teams of black ops for you in the morning, you start then." Kakashi said.

Two days pass, Kiba's vision had returned but his unbearable torture only intensified. Beating's, starvation, electrocution, drop torture and stabbing if non-vital areas. He hadn't given up, over the few days he add been here he was able to figure out what this place was. He was in an underground bunker in a large fortress with a large amount of artillery guns. It was the best place for stopping a powerful prison escape. Kiba would try to escape through. It was is nature after all, the very thought of seeing Hinata and their unborn baby kept him alive. But still in the line of duty, he stayed loyal to the village and had not breathed a word since his capture. They had taken his Jounin vest and whipped his bare back with bamboo Cains. His wrists were bruised from supporting his weight on the chains and being thrown around. A blindfold was raped around his head covering his eyes.
"This guy can take some punishment." A man said has he punched Kiba in the face again and again.
"Stop!" Kiba heard a man yell he was obviously a superior.
"Fools, to man such as this, physical torture is useless" The man continued.
"Kiba… of the leaf, you are a powerful Ninja. I have seen it first hand." Kiba wasn't intimidated by this man, he kept calm and remained silent as he continued to speak.
" My name his Yoki Mazuene." Kiba looked up to meet the man's face even though he couldn't see anything. He had heard that name before.
"Yes I watched you fight my son back in the forest. It was quite cunning, the way you killed him."
"If I killed your son, why take me prisoner and not kill me for revenge. Kiba replied
"Ah! So you do speak. Well my son has to fight his own battles but my duties must be but ahead of my emotions. Now down to business, has I thought, physical torture will not work on you. So we will dive into your mind and take a look our selves."
Kiba heard the man and the two guards walk out of the cell a moment later three more men walked into the room. Two of them sat in separate corners, put a scroll in their mouths and made a hand sigh. The third man placed his hand on Kiba's head. Random flashbacks immediately shot into Kiba's head. Kiba screamed in pain, with head whirled and spun. It was like bricks were being thrown passed his skull and hitting him square in the brain. He spat out a mix of saliva and blood then he blacked out.

Kiba was standing in the middle of the road in the village looking at a younger version of himself picking a rock with a kunai Knife. Akamaru was lying next him, the little puppy snoozing in the sun. Kiba looked at the younger version of him closer. He had a worried look about him but it was obvious that he couldn't see him.
"Kiba!" Both of them looked up and smiled at the girl coming.
"Hinata what's up." The younger kiba said happy to see her, but Hinata looked sad. Both Kiba's new what the problem was already.
"Naruto has left the village, he didn't even say goodbye." she cried almost in tears looking at the floor. Has always Kiba had been the first one she went to tell. Kiba rolled his eyes while she wasn't looking.
"Well, if Naruto is so dedicated to becoming stronger maybe we should work together to become way stronger too." Kiba said as if he had recited before she got there. Hinata looked up from the Ground to kiba, she smiled.
"He'll be back soon enough and we will be Chounin or maybe Jounin." Kiba said moving closer to her, she had heard exactly what she wanted to hear. Hinata jumped into Kiba's chest hugging him tight. Kiba's face lit up and his face went red with blush has he slowly dropped his hands to hug her back. Realizing what she had done Hinata's face heated up and she blushed to. Akamaru Barked and it woke them both up they broke from the hug. Hinata started to stutter and Kiba forgot how to breathe. The older Kiba laughed at how awkward they both were.
"I…I…I Need…to-to go h-home. I'll…see you tomorrow…Kiba" She said softly as if an angel was talking to Kiba. Kiba's eyes were still lit up by what had just happened, still fixed on Hinata's red face It took him a while to reply.
"Er… of cause Hinata I'll see you tomorrow for sure or another day if your cool with…er yeah. Kiba raised his voice not realizing it almost to a shout.
"Ok by Kiba." Hinata Ran down the road she just came from smiling to her self.
"See ya later Hinata." Kiba yelled biting back a Yahoo. Kiba let out a large grin showing his fangs to Akamaru.
The older Kiba smiled at himself, don't worry mate things get better from there.
"Useless!" a voice in side his head yelled out.
"then keep digging into his memory" another one shouted. The pain returned to Kiba's head as he warped through his mind.

This time Kiba was looking through the eyes of his previous self. Warm water gently rained down on to his back from a showerhead. He stood behind the now adult Hinata. The bright light reflected of her shoulders. Kiba moved forward and lent down to kiss her neck. He ran his hands across her smooth heavenly skin, from her thighs up onto her belly. He switched to the other side of her neck gently holding his lips on her neck. She turned her head to meet his eyes and she moved into kissing him. Kiba moved his hands up slowly to Hinata's breasts. Hinata gasped as she stared deeper into his eyes. She moved her hands from the wall of the shower and pinned Kiba's hands against her breasts. Kiba pulled his Right hand away and slowly lifted up Hinata's right leg. From now on every move of Kiba's was taken with great care. He was deadly afraid of hurting her but there was no way of not doing that. Hinata didn't mind, it hurt a little bit but it felt great as well, the feeling of Kiba going in and out of her slowly made her mutter and moan. Kiba's soft, warm breath on Hinata's neck made her want to turn around and kiss him.
"Useless too."

"Ahhhh!" Kiba screamed as he forced himself couscous again.
"Fuck you that's privet" He yelled. The interrogator just laughed.
"I swear I'll Kill you" Kiba whispered regaining his breath. The man put his hand back on Kiba's head.
"Fuuuuckkkkkk!" The pain came back to Kiba's head even worse.  

Shikamaru flipped open and set up Asuma's lighter. He sat in a tree over looking a valley engulfed in fire and smoke.
How are we gonna get passed without being blown to shit? He thought to himself as he closed the lighter.
"Shikamaru sir." Came a voice from under the tree. Shikamaru dropped down to the man standing at attention.
"Sir, Team three as linked up with the grass ninja. They say there is one way around the artillery barrage." He said
"Well done tell the men to move out now." Replied Shikamaru as he walked towards the camp. As he packed his bags he looked at his hand. He remembered the fight the deaths of his friends. Besides Hinata he was the last one of the Konaha 11 as far as he knew. Choji the man that had been his best friend since they were kids had died a horrible death in front of his eyes along with Ino. Neji, Tenten and Lee were his friend that he had worked with before were dead. The Hero of The leaf that had tort him so much had been killed in Sakura's arms.  He felt the worst for Hinata, she had lost her friend Shino and the father of her Child Kiba who sacrificed himself so that Shikamaru my live. A few hours of travel and they Had Linked up with the Grass Ninja.
"The Last Shadow of the Leaf? The Hokage really honored the alliance if they sent you." The grass captain approached Shikamaru.
"Thank you Captain, anyway what's the situation?"
"Now that we have linked up with you, our total head count as proceeded past 40 highly skilled Ninja. The there is a small pass through the ridge to the west of here that will take us into a series of underground caves that we have complete Knowledge about. This will take us behind the enemy Fortress and it will cover us from there constant shelling, Sir." Shikamaru was still thinking about Hinata. He thought to himself how unprofessional and dangerous that was. He had to remain focus.
"Lead the way captain, I will follow."
The Ninja leapt up into the trees and set a very fast pace. The Grass captain flying past ahead of the group. It was obvious  that half this mission was a personal fight for him. Still Shikamaru thought about Hinata and her soon coming child. She was a widow and the child will be with out a father.

"No I must get out! I Must Leave I have to life long enough to see my kid to see Hinata again. I can't die here!
Finally i finshed part 2. sorry it took so long i'll try to get part three out as soon as possible. but i really wanna get stared on 'the cycle of Revenge' which is also Kibahina but with much more story to it. and it goes for a while to
bestredhalloween Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KIBA U WILL SURVIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHIKAMARU UR A DUMBASS!!!!!!!!!!! AND HINATA DONT WORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KIBA SHALL LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at least he better -.- ...i love the story!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its awesome!!!!!!!!!! altho i do hate wat they're doin ta kiba but then again it is interrogation but please keep up the awesome work...cant wait for the next one :)
TinManLee Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2012
every time i think of scraping it you come along and kick me in the ass. keep it up loyal fan, anything certain you would like to see in the next one?
bestredhalloween Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
thats awesome!!!!!!!!! well at least i think it is ^^; and as far as wat i might like in the next one i really cant say...well besides the obvious :D i like wat u come up with so i think ill leave it you :)
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